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Alpha Medical Transport, Inc.

(844) 895-4809

Dependable Medical Transportation

Alpha Medical Transport, Inc. is proud to offer nonemergency medical transportation for individuals with recurring medical appointments in Battle Creek, Michigan, and beyond. Typically, we are contacted by your insurance company after you express interest in transportation services.

What We Do

We offer door-to-door sedan, minivan, and wheelchair transportation to medical appointments, treatments and rehabilitation services including:

• Dialysis Treatments
• Chemotherapy Treatments
• Hospital Discharges
• Post Surgery Visits
• Doctor & Dental Appointments
• Senior Transportation Services
• Behavioral Health Visits
• Rehabilitation Services
• Inter-facility Transfers
• Adult Day Care Services
People in Wheelchairs


Appointments are made at least a day in advance. Clients who schedule regular monthly transportation receive a lower package rate.


People with Disabilities (PWDs) benefit from our packages, as all our vehicles are equipped with wheelchair functionalities. Our ambulatory services are useful for clients of any age or infirmity.

Company Policy

The use, possession, solicitation or sale of narcotics or any other illegal substance, alcohol or prescription medication without a prescription, while in a company vehicle, on company premise or while performing company related assignments will not be tolerated. Such an offense may warrant immediate dismissal.